Logic Pro x and RYTM mk1 and A4 mk2 help please!

Hey everyone, this website has been nothing short of amazing in my journey of learning and discovering more about these crazy machines. So, thankyou thus far for everything! My question is this. How do i assign inputs for the rytm and the a4 respectively in logic if i want to print both the main out for FX and the respective output channels of both machines, in tandum - for essentially multi track recording at the same time. For example; im jamming in a session in logic x, rytm and a4 are all good, but i want to print everything from both instruments simultaneously.

Can this be done?

Thanks so much - Greg

this is more of an overbridge specific question. please have a look at the overbridge 2.0 manual, it is very good and detailed.

basically you have to set up the devices and the ob software to send the audio channels you want to computer and only send the fx track to the main out. this has to be done before you can route it to a channel in your daw.

once the ob plugin is loaded in the daw, you should be able to assign the individual track outs to a recording channel of your daw…


Would i need to aggregate the rytm and a4 ? I have read the overbridge 2.0 manual. and although it is very detailed i still cant get to a clear answer.

No need for aggregate devices when it’s Elektron boxes alone. Check out this @DaveMech tutorial, where he sets up and explains a great deal about running two Elektrons at the same time. Admittedly it’s two Digitakts, but the principles are the same.



with ob, you only use the plugins in your daw to route audio and everything… you never use it as a „soundcard“ in your daw settings.

first in the overbridge control panel, you select wich channels you want per device

once you loaded the plugin in your daw (one plugin for ar, one for a4) the channels you selected before in the ob controlpanel should appear in your daw track source list…