Long samples : issue previewing them


I just transferred to the MS some quite long samples (20-50sec). Pressing the [WAVE] button to access them in the uploaded folder I have trouble previewing the entire samples: Some are cut after like 10sec… BUT if I assign one of them to a track in a pattern, it seems like it will be played in its entirety.

Anyone has an idea about that ?

Thanks a lot

Just a precision : I’m on a “musique concrète” trip. I want to use the MS as a tape player / reel to reel / tape loops machine. So use of the sequencer is not mandatory. My point is to layer several long samples, loop them, process them.

However it won’t help if I’m not able to play samples in their entire length…


Have you tried turning decay up to inf?

I have, of course, and sample length as well.

Hm yeah I just had a go with a longer sample and get the same effect - it cuts when previewing but plays all the way through when armed to the track. I guess there’s a length limitation when previewing. Is there a particular reason you’d like to play them all the way through without loading them to a track?

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Thank you guys !

Jeff from Elektron told me There is a length limit on sample preview, it’s about 10 seconds.


Yes because I wanted to just let them play in loops and layer them one by one.
But I found other ways to play the samples how I like :slight_smile:

Ah cool. Have you seen this loopop video on ‘tape’ loops with the m:s? Useful insight into how to play around with the process https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFMP8MbmnL4