Long sessions about 8+ hours

Is there any restriction with long periods of use ? I wonder if this is necessary to let the machines cool an hour or two after a while…

I do very long sessions, had zero issues. Like 24h+

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When I turn on the lab it’s usually on all day after that, it’s all or nothing for me… Sometimes like 16 hours…no probs…


Also regarding temperature, the rytm manual states max operating temperature 30C/86F. In the summer hear it’s hotter than that and in the winter I heat by fire so gets pretty toasty, still no probs with rytm being on all day, OT has much higher max temp of 50C/122F so you’d have to take it into a suana to fry it…

AHeat gets hot on cold days, hotter than the others, tho I’m another to leave stuff on, weekends I’ll have a few pipes n fall asleep with it all on till the following afternoon, then I’ll come round and fancy another jam. : )

(back int day) before presets n shit, people would leave gear on all week whilst they finish tracks, So I’d imagine these days it to be even more ok … not withstanding environmental issues mind (and lecky bills as my Mrs reminds me every day)

having some boss scram lately la?

If you mean natural erbs… then yes laa :full_moon_with_face: