Longer USB cable

Can someone who has replaced the stock Elektron USB cable with a longer one link which one they bought? This is for the AK which is actually USB 1 I guess…

I’ve seen some posts about some cables not working out.

I need another few feet at least.

You need to be aware of the USB cable length restrictions.


When there are problems related to the length of an USB cable in almost all cases these problems are not really about the cable itself, but about the involved devices (some devices are more “forgiving” regarding the length than others).


Thanks - it looks like something like 8 feet would be fine and within spec for USB 1. The 4 foot packed in is too short to get to the stand space behind me…

I seem to recall some actual cable brands being iffy though, at least with the Elektrons. that’s why I didn’t want to buy a random one.