Looking at the Digitone as a sound module to replace AS1 and Mopho X4

Hi, I already have a Digitakt which is the brain of my setup, it sequence my Toraiz AS1 (bass) and send program changes to my Mopho X4 which I play live for chords and melodies (mainly strings and leads).

I have been wondering about reducing my setup for making gigs easier, and replacing the AS1 and Mopho with the Digitone, I would be using the Digitone for bass (sequenced by the DT) and the remaining 7 voices for chords live playing with a keystep.

The thing is, I will not be using the DN sequencer at all and I wonder if I will be underutilizing the DN capabilities while making it a glorified sound module, also I haven’t found many strings examples so I’m no absolutely sure it can replace the Mopho (I know they are completely different synths, analog substractive vs FM), but I’m open to try new timbres.

So what do you think? Is it a bad idea?

DN can sound absolutely gorgeous if you focus on sound design.
Its more of a hybrid FM synth, subtractive options that it has make arriving at nice sounds way easier.
Using FX for sound design rather than composition is very powerful too.
ARP on it is an amazing live performance tool, aswel as its Multimap feature, which will enable you to play more than one patch on a single keyboard.

I think DN will fit the bill for you for replacing Toriaz and Mopho, but it will definitely take some time to adjust and get used to.

Dont worry about underutilizing anything.
Whats important - if you like how it sounds.

P.S. for my musical preference, strongest suits of DN are percussives and chords/pads.
Basses and leads are still tricky to get the way i want them.
(but i might be just not good at those in general)