Looking for a chair for the studio


Yes it may be a little strange thread to start but I been looking around the www to find something decent to sit on when working in the studio but to no avail.

I´m looking for something with wheels on it and adjustable in height. I don´t mind to spend some money on it since I´m in the studio a lot would rather pay more to have some quality/longer life span than some Ikea design that will break down in 2 years. Maybe around 200€.

I´m not looking for one of those Gamer chairs, not so much for a futuristic design either(chairs that looks like a morph between a spider and an alien) and armrest I could do without as well but that´s not a dealbreaker

My studio is in an old 1930´ building in Berlin, there a lot of brown wood panels, a very 70´s carpet in classic German colors of brown/yellow and an old Studer mixing desk so I leaning more towards some mid century style.

If anyone of you have an idea or a link please share!




€200 is small budget for a good chair

Something like this

Yes you might be right about the budget and I would also willing to hand out double or more for the right seat.

Thanks for the link but it´s got no wheels on it and I don´t have the best experiences with Ikea stuff.

There are companies that buy all used office chairs and desks from closing companies. You can find some very interesting deals when you search for professional ergonomics chairs. Like I bought mine used 200€ for a 1000€+ retail price.


do you have any link to those companies?

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I think I remember I bought there : https://loire-ecodistribution.com/23-fauteuil

But thats not in Berlin ! And if you want to save some cash, check on www with some words like “reconditionnd office furniture” etc.


Thanks a lot losgallos

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Ive always got on with my eaves style soft back chair. I know a couple of people who don’t like them (we have them in our office) but I like mine and I think it’ll fit your aesthetic

Yeah something like that could work

for 200 you will not even get a used chair. Or maaaybe try to find “Vitra Meda 2” on Kleineinzeigen, it ranges from 150-250e around Berlin

Thanks for the tip Franz, yes after more research it looks like I have to send some more money

You want a 1930’s type chair to fit in with your surroundings i guess. How about this,.

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This! I once got a Steelcase Leap (I think) chair for almost nothing compared to its new price. This was in the UK, but I think similar companies exist in different countries. Get a chair that really provides comfort and support. Don’t skimp on this item if you intend on putting in the hours at your desk :slight_smile:

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Cutting stools (hairdresser chairs) came up in another thread. Quite nice. You can find brown ones


I’ve had this chair for the last year and it’s a lot nicer than anything I’ve had in the past.

As someone who is on the smaller side (5’5 and skinny) I find it pretty comfy.

It may or may not be your style though.

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I have a Herman Miller that I inherited from a job where the company went out of business. After sitting in it for many sessions, I’d accept no substitute. Maybe a used market?


If you have even a slight risk of regular back ache (or even if you don’t); I would recommend a Hag Capsico with highest gaslift.

I love the herman miller chairs, however the major advantage of this chair is it keeps you slightly changing position all day as it supports in multiple ways. Rather than the traditional chair which generally support you properly in one or maybe two positions.

The ability to use the chair, and be supported in a variety of ways; offsets a lot of the damage done from years of sitting in the same position at a desk all day.

The high gas lift allows you to use it standing up which is great for active parts of musical creation.

It feels odd at first but then you realise it keeps you active and always in good posture. Even when leaning back or ‘slouching’ you are still fully supported, the oddness is really just a week or two of your body adjusting after which I found it extremely comfy.

Fully recommend.
Can pick up the Capisco Puls (plastic) in your price range, or can spend a bit more and get a 2nd hand full Capisco.

Foot rings/rest options and head rests all increase it’s flexibility and uses. I bought them all second hand for decent prices.


Yes, very much this! Good brands to look for in reconditioned office chairs are Herman Miller, Steelcase, and Humanscale. I have a Humanscale Freedom that I bought used for about £200 and it’s amazing- totally fixed a sore back that I was getting on the IKEA stool I was using previously.


Hi guys.

I woke up to a lot of gr8 suggestions from you all and now I need to follow up on those.
But first of all.
It´s really much appreciated that so many to chip in with suggestions and good advice on this forum, even when finding a chair might not be the most sexy topic.

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Seams like a good contester.
I found a nice looking version in Italian brown leather but web site isn´t providing good/clear info on
how much can you adjust the height on these. How is it on your chair?