Looking for a companion for Digitakt + Odyssey

Currently, I have Digitakt + Arp Odyssey module and some euro modules. I’m looking for new gear to upgrade my setup.

For quite some time, I’m evaluating my option and trying to choose, but I can’t decide what should I go for.

There are lots of good or interesting options for every type of hardware with different pros and cons.

At the moment, it seems like Roland SH-01A is the number one choice for me. Its sound is very unique and it’s portable too.

Roland SE-02 looks fine and I like its character, but it doesn’t look like a reasonable choice since I got Odyssey.

On the other hand, Korg Volca FM’s ability to run DX7 patches with decent sound quality, lure me to buy it, but I don’t know, I can always use Dexed for free and Digitone is off the table. I don’t wanna spend that much money on one gear right now (exchange rate differences) except Cirklon or Nord modular G2 engine, even it’s the best in the market.

Can you recommend me hardware synth or synths that you think its gonna be compatible with my setup or your fav one?

I’m open to suggestions for every kind and would appreciate your thoughts. :slight_smile:


What do you think is missing from your music now?

I can do bass and glitchy/noisy little stuff with arp. Also can produce acid sound via digitakt with detuned bass sounds, but always feel like its the same tone.

It can be good if I can create pad, ambient sounds or other things like short melodic stuff.

By the way, I’m into braindance/IDM and generative stuff. Obviously AFX, squarepusher, autechre, jega etc and gesloten cirkel kind of stuff.

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Blofeld can still justifiably make it onto most lists - always a good option to compare others against


Blofeld is a good suggestion. Lots of pad sounds in that machine and it’s nice and portable.

Two other suggestions: Waldorf streichfett and a pedal or two. Pairs well with the DT and is also portable.

I’d also maybe take a look at the Arturia Microfreak. Very different from the Odyssey and will cover a lot of ground.

I have and love the SH01A but it’s not the first thing I’d think of when it comes to pads or weirder sounds.

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Thanks for your response, I know Blofeld, my friend gonna buy it so I can borrow it from him at any time. After the comments here, I will consider it as well.

I don’t know Waldorf Streichfett and gonna check it out.

As for Roland SH-01A, I consider to buy it because of its classic bass and acid sounds.

We need a RANDOM HARDWARE SYNTH button somewhere around here.

Random – three digital synths in the low to moderate price range.

Korg Wavesnake
Arturia MicroFreak
ASM Hydrasynth Desktop

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