Looking for a reverb

Hello !

I use a Machinedrum (outs : A+B stereo for perc / C for Kick / D for Snare) and a Digitone on a mixer.
On Digitone i use internal reverb. So i looking for a reverb, will be on a AUX of my mixer and specially for the Machinedrum.
Do you have some advice or should I use internal reverb instead?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Did you try DN reverb with its inputs and mixer aux ?

Eventide Space
Strymon Bluesky, Bigsky
Empress Reverb
Ventris Dual Reverb
Neu­naber Immerse Rever­be­rator Mk II

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Very much depends on the sound you want. The internal reverb is great for certain effects but won’t give you a “space” like the Digitone’s.

Midiverb/Quadraverb if you want a '90s Warp sound.

Eventide Space / Mercury7 / Bigsky / Empress / etc, are all excellent sounding standalone units that will handle stereo line level.


It depends on what you want to accomplish, Does the MD Reverb satisfies you? Do you need Big Reverbs? Do you need specific Reverbs like Shimmer? What kind of music do you produce or do you want to produce? We need more details.


oohh i hadn’t thought about using DN in AUX. Good idea, but the reverb sound will come out with my DN tracks. (I don’t often use OB). But I will test!

I already had a BlueSky but I didn’t really like it on aux, on “all the rhythm” … like a master reverb. It’s really really great on a guitar or on a synth alone, but I haven’t found it exceptional on all of my tracks. I have sold it.
I would only need a reverb, very simple, where I can send all my tracks in.
I thought of the EHX - Holier Grail neo…

TC Electronic M3000. Beautiful, Natural Reverbs without gimmicks. Dual Engine, so you can have 2 separate Reverbs in Series or Parallel, or 2 Independent Mono Reverbs on 2 separate sources. Approx £350 Used.

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Yes indeed ! I would only need a reverb, very simple, where I can send all my tracks in. Like a “master reverb”.

1400€ ? and 400€ used ? ok i will looking. But not really on my budget for the moment, but i can’t wait long time to have the good hardware :slight_smile:

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I feel like pedals are not my solution…
But is there really a difference between pedals and rack reverb?

I use the Eventide Space for this. It works very well. It’s very adjustable (you can highpass sufficiently in the unit for an overall mix). It’s basically a load of rack algorithms in a stompbox. You can also get an H9 and just buy the algo(s) you want.

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I’ve never heard of this one, I must check it out!

Clearly, I’m joking, but from a meta-level, aren’t we all just looking for “…” device on a regular basis? :exploding_head:



Where are you based?

France !

For lounge music only.


Thanks i will looking the Midiverb/Quadraverb :slight_smile:


You’ll be looking a long time, reverb can’t be seen.

Only heard. :wink:

I really like the Oto Bam reverb.



What’s your budget?

if you’re looking for something simple / small / cheap / well-built and with great sound, you should look into Digitech’s Polara. Ugly as f*ck imho, but sounds great, is quite versatile and you can buy it new for less than 100 usd.

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I have a Zoom MS-70cdr on the way for a synth, though I imagine it could work great for a drum machine as well. It’s a multi-effect unit, so on top of reverbs, it has delay, chorus, flanger, etc…stereo in and stereo out too, but not for all effects.

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Sounds really good apparently, want one! Thanks! Strange look, but funny.