Looking for a way to select multiple Triggs

hey guys i want to select multiple Triggers (more than i have fingers)… in first place to Timeshift them…

has anybody got a Hint for me how to select them and keep em selected maybe, till iam finnished with the timeshift!?

Thank you

im not 100% sure what do you mean with timeshift, but you can shift all your trigs of a track in rec mode by 1 trig when pressing FUNC + left/right arrow.
you dont mean microtiming, right?

No shortcuts for all cases, it’s a manual job

I’m experimenting with selecting all the swing trigs of a track so only that track is pushed.

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thank you for anwering!

sry for the little confusion… bu t yes i mean microtiming…

just want to select all the weakbeats and process them at the same time… but thats more triggs as i got fingers on my left hand and the right hand i need to push arrowkeys!

in my fantasie its like:

pushhing „function“ three times quickly to get the AR in a „select your triggs mode“ now i should select all the triggs i need without keeping „triggs“ pushed down…

is there a way for my wish?

is Elektron reading the Forum? is there any plans to to select multiple triggs or is there a way allready?

I think no answers mean that this is not possible at this time right?

There is not much likelihood of getting a way to select multiple trigs, but this is a forum to discuss whether there are ways to work and ways around it - Elektron won’t usually be responding to you here, not officially - if you want an official response you’d have to ask support or even just submit an official feature request


i allmost thought so…

my english is not the best… so i didnt understood what you was saying excactly…

but i asume that it means that my question is to offensive somehow, and i would get help from the forum in tipps and tricks and workarrounds…
and i think it means that my problem has no solving… is this right Avantronica?

In case it helps you can copy/paste sequencer pages with [page]+[rec] / [page]+[stop]. If your pages are to be identical you could just modify one page and paste to the other 3. Never done it with swing trigs, but it should probably work…

You can also quickly add or remove swing twigs by holding down a trig in grid recording and pressing [swing], in case that helps your workflow…

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?? i can sorta see that - just write a reply in your preferred language in google and let it translate for you, even just to improve/check your own understanding then paste - it’ll be less ambiguous for all concerned

i do not think your request will be something likely to be implemented, but you can ask elektron, it’s their decision