Looking for in person octatrack tutoring

Hello - I grew up playing acoustic piano and am not technologically adept. I’d really love some one on one, in person experience with this instrument.
Is there anyone who is interested in tutoring, for at least a few days?
I live in BC Canada but I’m willing to travel, especially if you are near waves. Planning on surfing and learning this instrument this winter.

Thank you folks!


Please take absolute care and reluctance when somebody invites you. And also with publishing your email address on forums that are publicly readable. Delete it and use private messages instead. Sorry about the tone but there are creeps out there.

That said: why not starting out with yourself and some YouTube sources?


I can understand the need for such teaching.
I have done this to someone that had worked on his OT already, through reading manuals and watching tutorials for months. Eight 2h lessons were way more beneficial to him :slight_smile:

I second @cecil’s warning about putting your email, as a moderator I took the liberty to edit it so that it stays readable but maybe less scannable.


Absolutely. But it works both ways and an innocent looking invitation can be just as dangerous. Just saying.

You might consider contacting forum member @mpiecora (Matthew Piecora), also known as EZBOT on YouTube, who offers one-on-one tutoring online and is based in Seattle, WA:


Yeah I’d echo what everyone else said plus the variety and quality of online one on one will be better than hooking up with someone close by.

Safer also

Sad I have to say it but it’s the grim reality

all of your concerns are completely valid. that being said, I’ve had nothing but great experiences linking up with fellow elektronauts through this forum.

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I feel like we are swimming into mansplaining here. Asking for help she receives fear. Not sure a man asking for in person tutoring would receive the same kind of comments.
To the hell with good intentions IMHO.

As for the OP i’ll be in Goa if i can be of any help this winter :wink:

PS: there’s an internal message service, no need to leave a personal email in here indeed.