Looking for kit optimization suggestions


Just wondering if anyone can help me make the most out of what I have, in case I am missing something.

Sometimes when you look at something for too long, you don’t see its full potential, so I am hoping that someone will see something really cool I can do, that I’m missing, or will confirm I am making the most out of what I have!

So here’s a gear list

Ableton 9 suite daw

Push 2

I have my blokeys connected via USB Into the pc/ableton, and a delay unit for the blokeys

A4 via USB into ableton

And M32 with a reverb pedal going into my audio interface, and midi from ableton

The audio interface is a Scarlett 18i6

Cv cables arrived from elektron yesterday, and my intention is to control the M32 via a4, to use the sequencer and potentially use the a4 to add adsr in some fashion to the M32 (not sure if the latter is correct on that, I’m sure someone will confirm)

I tend to use the blokeys as master keybed for a4, M32 and any soft synths, and play into ableton with it as a synth.

The push 2 is used for drums and obviously ableton control.

Ableton is the clock

I tend to either multi track my recordings, or play all together, depending on what I’m working on, and sending midi from ableton to each device makes this dead easy.

So yeah, that works for me, but I’m wondering if there’s anything else I can do to ensure I’m using the kit to the fullest. I feel like I’m missing something.

Of course I have read the manuals, and yes of course I have used Google to search, so please don’t waste your bandwidth by making suggestions to do just that.

I have limited knowledge of cv and its applications, however I am learning all this stuff(I’m from an age of digital, midi controlled devices, so haven’t really needed to delve into that side of things before)

Any cool tricks I should be doing, or do you feel that it’s set up in a way that uses all to its full potential?