Looping Questions

Hi all, I’m looking to replace my very old Looperlative LP1 and have been researching the OT a few days to see if it’s the way to go. I’ve read much of the manual and watched so many youtube vids my head is spinning :crazy_face:

What I currently do is record 8 stereo loops into the LP1 to use a source material for a “song”. Then I hit record on my multitrack and manipulate the 8 tracks independently (volume +/-, reverse, feedback [<100% = fade out], panning, etc) to create a “song”. I’d like to know if the OT can handle the same workflow so I know I can duplicate what I already have (adding the additional insane overall capability in this machine is gravy). I also have some questions I haven’t been able to find an answer for and hope someone reading this can help :wink:

  1. Workflow. From what I’ve read and seen, it appears that to duplicate my LP1 workflow, I’d record loops onto the 8 tracks. Would I then save them and play the samples back via the sequencer while mangling each track independently?

  2. What maximum time length of loops can I create: aka, max setting for ‘Reserve Length’? Let’s say for example I’m planning a looping performance using all 8 tracks…what is the max amount of recording time I have available? How about if I’m only using 2 tracks?

  3. Is there any way to do asynchronous looping, or does each loop have to be an exact time multiple of the master loop?

  4. Is it possible to convert a loop to a static sample and perform live mangling on it while the other loops remain playing? In other words, is the workflow of pickup machines/loops completely separate from working with samples?

  5. For live looping, do the pickup machines/loops pass through the effects?

I’m pretty sure the OT will do what I want and a whole lot more but want to try and get a little more info before I pull the switch.


8 independant recorders.

1- No auto save, but Flex machines can play recordings instantly with fx, sample parameters mangling. Samples can be saved and assigned while playing IIRC.

2- Without samples in the 85.5 Ram, Dynamic recording or no reserve length :
16 bits : 8m28s (508s)
24 bits : 5m39s (339s)
Divide the available time according to track number

3- Yes

4- Possible to save and assign any sample, all saved on the CF card. Static machines play CF card samples only, Flex can play play recordings and Ram samples.

5-FX with Pickups, Flex, Thru, using any recorder available.
Only Pickups recorders are linked to their track.


Thanks for the reply! It appears to me this is a machine that you can only get most answers by going hands on and trying things out for yourself. I ordered mine yesterday from Sweetwater because of their 30 day refund policy. I figure by then I’ll know for sure, though the more I learn about the OT the more confident I am it will be just what I’m looking for…and a whole lot more!