Loose display shield on OT MK2

Hi there,

I’m a little frustrated. I just got my OT MK2 back from Elektron. I had sent it in for a loose display shield which came off in one corner. Unfortunately the issue a) has not been fixed or b) has just reoccured. Has anyone experienced similar? Any ideas how to fix it without risking damage to the machine or voiding my warranty? At this point I’m really tired of all this sending machines back and forth.


This might be a stupid question, but could it perhaps be the factory default screenprotection?

You’re right. It is a stupid question. No, it’s not the thin film that protects the shield.

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Thank you, this is really helpful. I’ll try straight away.

Yours is the only case of this problem that I could find reported on the forum. I hope there’s a way to get it fixed easily.

Can you post a photo of it?

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I’d request a replacement Octatrack to be sent along with a pre-paid return label or a courier collection for the faulty one, at this point it is the least that should be done to rectify the bad service you received.


In addition I’d request that the replacement be checked fully for the same fault and any other defects before it is sent. No way should you be without a machine for x amount of days, given that you already sent it back before.


Hi Peter, it’s probably kind of tricky to show it in a picture, but I’ll try once I find the time. I pressed the shield back on and it stuck for a while, but I checked a few minutes ago and it has come back up. It’s not a huge gap, but the shield moves when I push it back down, it’s particularly visible in the “Octatrack” label. Additionally the shield doesn’t sit flush with the case, but rather extends a millimetre beyond it.

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You’re a wise man, @darenager. This is pretty much what I did when I sent it in a few weeks ago and I was promised this would be done. I’ve updated my ticket a week ago to document the issue, but unlike other instances I haven’t heard back from Elektron. It’s getting so tedious following up on this again and again, while my TR-8s gives me nothing but joy.


In that case I’d request that it be escalated as a priority, as the service that you have received is simply not acceptable, where are you based? If you are in the US it might be worth contacting Elektron US office by telephone and speaking to someone.


You‘re right, that‘s the way to do it as tiring as it may be. I‘m in Germany by the way. I feel we must have got a new UPS hub with all the machines I‘ve been sending back and forth.

Sorry dude, I was just mirroring the way Elektron support may have made you feel if they returned the unit to you unfixed.

Yeah, I see. Felt more like being kicked when already down tbh.


Probably worth calling them then, the number is at the bottom of this page https://www.elektron.se/about-elektron/


Ok, things are moving. I‘ll hopefully receive my last OT MK2 on friday.


Great to hear, fingers crossed third time lucky :four_leaf_clover:

Thanks, it‘ll be the fourth actually.

To wrap things up here and to also point out something positive: kudos to @Olle for supplying me with yet another Octatrack MK2. I’ve kind of lost count along the way, but initial inspection and a quick smoke test indicate this might actually be the one. @Olle actually worked tirelessly to resolve this issue for me and through his support there’s a fair chance I can now travel with a working Octatrack. Muchas gracias! Message to Elektron: @Olle and @Ess should be role models for your marketing and manufacturing teams. They exemplify how customer focus works.


I’ve been in the exact same situation as @Hans_Olo. Loose display shield, sent it to repair, got it back and unfortunately not fixed. And now after some ping pong sending it in again for a replacement.

Honestly all the problems i’ve read recently about users having problems with the mk2 scares me a bit and i do hope that the replacment will be free of any other issues. It’s great that elektron offered a replacement, but will send it in today and then waiting a long time until it finds its way back from sweden. Realy realy hope that i won’t encounter any other problems, since somtimes thinking about it, there are way worse things that people here experience with new devices here. And i’m already a bit tired of this, because sending it form where i’m at always takes around 3-6 Weeks :frowning:

In the end i even thought about just giving up on this, because at least the rest on my current device is ok (crossfader, display and everything else), but it’s still bugging me… hope i’m doing the right thing sending it in!

Writing this just so that others might know.

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Have there been lots of QC issues with mk2? I’m in the market for one now and this scares me a bit.