Loss of connection


I have searched the forum but cannot see an answer.

Yesterday I was happily using Overbridge with Digitone and Heat MK2 with Live 10 and Mojave on my mac with the devices connected via usb directly to the back of the mac.

Have not used my Rytm Mk1 for a while so thought I would try to use it with Overbridge as well.

This led me to update all my machines to the latest OS and also Overbridge (although I think I might have already been using 2.0.41

Anyway now I cant get any of the devices to connect to the Mac. The machines are all set to overbridge. Weird as 2 of the devices were fine yesterday.

Is there a setting on the mac somewhere that I need to check or something?

Thanks in advance if anyone can give me any pointers.

Just noticed my Xone DB4 is no longer seen by the Mac either. This has been working fine for ages. Must be an issue with the Mac? Cant figure out for a second what may have caused this.