Lost all track sounds?

I’m new to the Digitone. I spent some time last night making some custom track sounds on a pattern. I didn’t save the project, but just turned off the device. When I turned it on this morning, all the track sounds on that pattern were the default sine wave. The other patterns I worked on have their custom track sounds in-tact. What happened on yesterday’s pattern? Did I accidentally clear all pattern sounds somehow? Is there any way to recover those sounds if I didn’t save them to the sound pool?

Hello! Make sure you are on the same pattern at which you were designing the sounds.
Digitone stores different sound data per pattern.
Otherwise it might be a bug or a hardware issue.
I suggest getting in touch with elektron support if it happens again.

Yeah, was on the same pattern. It was almost as if I did … -> Clear -> Clear all sounds, but I didn’t do that. I can’t find a shortcut for clearing all sounds in the manual. So maybe I did something like accidentally copying and pasting all sounds from an empty pattern.

that defintely can happen, it took me a while to feel at home with copy/paste/clear functions of the digitone. The only thing that i can think of, that can erase all 4 sounds at once (without going into clear menu), is either clearing a pattern or copying empty pattern on top of current one. Or straight up initialising a new project.

i suggest saving your projects before turning off the device.
i try to use autosave only for minor changes or if im not excited with what ive created.
its also amazing to have in case of power outage.

Keep an eye out if this happens again. I wouldnt suggest to skip out on autosave, its great.
If it is fault of your unit, support will help.
Sadly i dont know if those sounds can be recovered btw.

P.S. i know you turned it on after a while but i still, since you said you are new, want to inform you about the power cycle:
if you turn off DN, wait at least 30-60 seconds before turning it back on.
its the time it needs to finish autosaving and all that stuff.
not following that will lead to bad results.

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