Lost everything I made on the M:C today

Title pretty sums it up. It is my first Elektron device. “Everything” I made was in “Proj Managr” 01: STOCK directly in the banks after the stock presets.

Today I wanted to backup the first time (!) via Transfer to my Mac. So I copied 01 to my MacBook.

After that I started to copy/paste 01: STOCK to 02: on the M:C and skipped the “Save” and BOOM everything is gone. Only factory presets. Same is true for the saved file on my Mac.

Feeling kinda depressed now. ;[

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Been there :weary: I’m sorry to hear. Now’s the chance to star from scratch with new inspiration, at least.


That’s awful. I didn’t even know that you could save things to the stock project. Consider it a rebirth…you’ll rebuild things better faster and stronger than before!

Thank you mates! Honestly can’t believe it. I always saved via FUNC + SAVE why is it not saved to the Project I copied via Transfer to my Mac?

I turned my M:C many many times on and off since December 2020, never lost one trig.

Ouch, that hurts… :grimacing:

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FUNC + SAVE only saves your patterns to the temp file.

In order to save your patterns to the actual project, you need to go into the project settings and save the project.


Thought it would autosave while shutting down. So, after today I must assume that the temp file is always kinda saved, because that was my workflow since day one, never lost the progress of my projects.

I bought the fluo-green TE Rick/Morty audiocable for an unreasonable price some minutes ago. That’s me, tryin’ to compensate :wink:

AaAaaAhHhh :expressionless:

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just memorize this as well: Powerloss means losing everything unsaved as well! Always power down with the power knob!

Happened to me … lost a whole session.

Also … holy cow: 29€ for a spiral cable? I hate TE.

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I think the manual is not clear on this. It could do with one consolidated section that goes through all the detail mentioned here :point_down: (assuming that’s all correct).

Maybe we could try and persuade @eangman to update the manual ?

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getting angry when I’m reading that quote. All I can read out of it, is basically: you always lose your project … better save to disk every 20 seconds to be safe :sweat_smile:

Actually it sounds like a design decision to make us buy the battery handle to have less project losses.

I always powered down via the knob. Since last year. Therefore I thought everything is saved in the Project. Its not. :expressionless:

My power socket broke and is still flimsy (after repair). So I’m always on the edge.

Please complain to elektron. They wanted to make a simple hands on device, which they did, except they made the saving structure and procedure outrageously convoluted and confusing. It s even worse when you re used to turning off studio power with one general switch. I lost stuff in the beginning too.


They probably can t improve it on the existing Models, bc of hardware configs, but they should never make a new machine like this.

Never assume this. The first thing I do when buying new devices is to learn how to save properly. Sorry for your loss. If it helps, I often delete everything on my Elektron boxes and start fresh. It’s good for the mind.

That sucks dude. You’ll get over this. Make some even better music.

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Something similar happened to me too, only with Digitakt. But keep your head up, treat it as a lesson and for sure it was not wasted time because you probably learned a lot, you have knowledge left, so not everything was lost.

That sucks. I did something pretty similar but was lucky enough to have done it after only having it for a couple of weeks. Learned the lesson early on? Nope! I did it again not long after. That ought to sort me out.

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Yeah I lost my first set of projects way back on the digitakt due to some mistakes of my own and some slightly unclear instructions on the first update. My practice now when getting a new device is make a quick pattern and then make sure I understand how backup and restore works. Unfortunately professional devices often expect more from there users when it comes to stuff like that.

I lost the only cover I’ve ever made… it was doctor mario chill out using only cow moo samples :sweat_smile: I suppose the world wasn’t ready for it.


the world NEEDS this, definitely!!!

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