Lost in Translation - Adventures in Learning Elektron

language differences aside, communication gets mucked up all the time because we of our presumption.

when i view my A4 +drive banks, i see patches in bank A and bank B and none in C, D, etc…

and then i go look at from the index of banks and it my A4 tells me

BANK A (0)
BANK B (0)
BANK C (256)
BANK D (256)

i got REALLY confused and frustrated. :sob:

?!?! it’s the opposite of what it should be?!?!

… and then it hits me.
(0) means there are 0 open spaces not 0 patches stored. :astonished:
i presupposed the inverse of what they intended.



:+1: as if this was fb!

fb ? facebook`?

Hi Danlukas!

Even if i smiled at your posts…pay attention that this would not be the right place to post your specific questions.

Sandbox is for ScienceLabs - recipes - etc…not for asking about sound banks inside A4.

Sorry if i’m so direct!

My best, =)


hi sicijk,

i didn’t ask a ‘help me with a machine’ question, i was wondering about others users common experiences and stories in learning elektron machines and their workflow. i assume i’m not the only one having these moments.

i considered this to be in the category of tips & tricks, i’m sorry if i posted in the wrong location. please advise where this content should go.


(and i appreciate directness)

Oh! that’s fine, so…an Elektron odyssey + Tips&Tricks thread… =))

My daily sharing:

i realized how important is to learn Octatrack while being sober and not too much high!

It can bring you within evil moments where you can’t realize what is actually happening somewhere…and you try to take control, but OT wins …so briefly that situations can easily turns into a Vale-Of-Tears…

Then, when you learn the basics-------OT lets you smell that something can go even deeper…and you approach that path…finding ways to other 2 new things…and that’s amazing…so deeepp machine!