Lost project?


Since I have the Rytm, I have always been working in the same project… Yesterday I created a new project to work on something else and today when I came back to the old project everything was gone… no kits… no patterns…
What could I have done wrong ?

Did you save the project before you loaded the next? :thinking:

The machine will autosave but it does not save that info to the version of the project on the +drive, so if you leave a project and have made changes you want to keep since the last time you saved it, you need to save it before loading another…

Note as well that autosave saves most everything except for kits, all kits besides the active one reload to their saved state when powering up, only the active one keeps changes over power cycle…

shit… didn’t know I have to save on the +drive before changing project… I thought its saved automatically…
thanks for the explanation !

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Oh good I was worried I scared you off, I live off that stuff!

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You just wrote the lyrics of my new song !

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