Love Hate Octatrack performance

Here’s a performance of my track “Love Hate”.

I’m getting a little more adventurous on the Octatracks as I learn them better over time.

The performance elements of this track are mostly about the bassline. I have several scenes set up to reverse, repeat and filter the bass. The bassline variations are also randomly selected via slice-LFO.
The patterns have certain trigs p-locked to the random LFO, so variations only occur when I want them to. It’s a pretty fun trick!

I’ve used the CUE outputs to route audio through my Kaoss Pad Quad. Individual instruments can be sent out to the Quad for further effects, or looping. Looping is like an external “transition trick”, which allows you to even stop the Octatracks while looping is and load another project! Very useful stuff.

Hope you enjoy. Happy to talk all about techniques and my setup!

super cool. while i’m not a huge dstep fan it’s fun in small doses, especially when i’m trying to figure out whether you sampled benedict cumberbatch :smiley:

thanks for the details on your routing with the quad … i’ve stayed away from it cos it doesn’t have the insta-sampling ability the kp3 does. looks like you’ve got an approach that takes advantage of its strengths.

btw curious what you used to produce your stems.

Hey thanks!
Haha no sampling, just me talking and processing in Harmor.

I use FL Studio as my DAW, I love it to pieces. The Octatracks are beginning to leak into my creative side though, as jamming with them gives me some interesting ideas I’d never have come up with on a computer.

Yeah the Quadpad is great the way I’ve got it now. I would feel a bit naked without it. Kp3 is brilliant too, I love these machines. I wish they’d bring out a new generation!