Loved the Digitakt so much

The Digitakt PSU has the part number PSU-3b, which should be marked on it somewhere.

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Merlin’s manual is a fabulous resource; many thanks for your recommendation.

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Same resolution screen.
DT just uses the available pixels differently.

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I understand the attraction to both; I’m hoping the Octatrack doesn’t leave a Digitakt sized hole in my setup. My wallet isn’t capable of stretching that far!

what is GAS?

You haven‘t been around for long, have you? It‘s what makes us old age dudes and dudettes congregate here - gear acquisition syndrome. Compulsive buying of stuff to make up for whatever we lack in our lives.


Gear Acquisition Syndrom.
Frequent sickness.
And contagious.

@Hans_Olo is almost immune now :wink:
And was faster…

I wish they would have opted for even more 1 button per function on the surface. I really like the digitakt but wish it had time stretching. My rig is now comprised of mostly Moogs and the digitakt for sampling and midi control. Just still too much menu diving in the other machines.

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Mine was in remission since June (Monologue), but it has recently come back (OT MKII + SH-01A).

Hard to kick. Seems to pop back up at the worst of times (when I have little free time) too.

I rationalize it by saying I can pay for it with more gigs, but who am I kidding. I’d often rather blast at home to my wife and post a clip here than deal with all the fuss of travel.


I’m in a similar situation now, myself. I’ve never had such a tough time deciding on a purchase in my life. It’s 50/50 between the Digitakt and Octatrack MkII.

It’s pretty well documented what the OT can do that the DT can’t. I guess the question for me is, is there anything besides Overbridge support that I would be able to do with the DT that I wouldn’t be able to do with the OT (now that conditional trigs are in)?

Also, a lot of people talk about the difference in sound quality of the internal track effects. Should that be a concern if I were to go with the OT over the DT? Does the mk2 have improved sound quality over the mk1, perhaps?

Which one would I be more likely to have more fun with jamming and writing?

Option #1:
Digitakt and a Circuit Mono Station day 1, and then add a Deepmind 12, Peak, or Prophet 8 rev2 down the line.

or Option #2:
Octatrack and iPad synths day1, and then add an SE-02 or Mono Station down the line.

I’m really new to all this so I’m going into these purchases with not a lot of hands on experience but a tremendous desire to learn. :wink:



Dude, you couldn’t figure out which power supply went with the Digi, but went ahead and traded it for the OT? You may be in for a bit of hurt! :joy: j/k enjoy the beast that is OT.


Yeah, I know.
The back of my desk looks like the inner workings of the Millennium Falcon; things just seem to breed. The power supplies got kind of mixed up with each other.

I know this does not bode well for the Octatrack! :laughing:


Delivery to take place in 1 hour. Currently watching videos on YouTube giving tips on how to get going with it.
And . . . I worked out the power supply. So all looking good.
And the bloody sun is shining too; may have to sit in the garden with it!