Loved the Digitakt so much

I’ve sent it back and ordered an Octatrack MK2.

If the Digitakt can make me feel that good, the Octatrack is going to blow my mind, right?

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Hope so. The workflows are VERY different.

Really depends on what you loved about the Digitakt.


I think I loved the groove, the quality of the sounds that it delivered, which seemed better than is expected, the relatively flexible triggering etc.

I’m hoping the Octatrack delivers that but lots more depth and possibility.

I would’ve gone for another digitakt! :slight_smile:


The more time I spend with the digitakt, the more I find little things that keep surprising me. I’m starting to really get comfortable on it and am amazed by it every time I use it.
I also have been eyeing off the octa MK2 but would add it next to the digitakt, I think they are very different.

Kind of like a MPC and a SP404. The MPC is specs rich and packed with features and the SP is basic but in it’s simplicity it makes you work differently. I sold my MPC 2500 a few years ago, but still have have a SP404 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes it can, but it is proportional to how much of your mind you blow into it first… :wink:


the octa Mkii looks frikkin’ sweet… esp. with the green/red/yellow LEDs, it’s seductive. the workflow is prob. far more complicated than the Digitakt… and the 'takt already sounds great. the graphics appear to be a bit higher-resolution on the Digitakt display, as well. not sure

For a big brother to the DT, AR MK2 may have been a better choice. But then I just ordered an OT MK2 myself, so who am I kidding.



but yeh the OT is not nearly as quick and fast workflow… you will pay for that depth in blood sweat and tears while you are building your own brains operational capacity for the OT… worth it tho

i couldnt swing it as an all-in-one… its possible, but not for my methods… but as a central hub swiss army knife, its indispensible … still does so many tricks nothing else even comes close to - my favorite is randomized drum fills and bits from the scene fader, and cutting from scene to scene with buttons… OT is just by far the best thing ever when it comes to doing really detailed and musically solid pattern improv on drums


That’s just what I was hoping to hear.

I’m happy to compromise speed for depth.

I want something that I can get truly immersed in.

Don’t be afraid to switch back if you get confused with the Octatrack.

I owned an Octatrack for five years. Loved it and will choose the Octatrack mkII again over the Digitakt, but that is for the live performance scope the Octatrack offers. And the exploration horizons are superb.

The audio engine is completely reworked in the Digitakt. That is why it sounds slightly better for single sample triggering. Both units would be ideal and complement each other.

Best thing on OT over DT is that you can sample on the fly.
Once you get it that you have recording tracks in parallel of your audio tracks, and that you can sample loops with one-shot trigs, you have a powerful instrument in your hand.
There is a whole thread explaining why Scenes,
4 IO, stereo sampling, etc make it a very powerful sampler.

Have a read at @Merlin’s document to understand key aspects such as Scene and Parts.


Merlin’s Manual should be the front page of Elektron’s website … a great big 19 pages of text as a welcome … it truly is poetry in motion :slight_smile:

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Where do I find this legendary manual?


Okay, packing up the Digitakt, I’ve realised that I’m not sure which power supply came with it. I’ve got a Machinedrum, A4 and the Digitakt and I’m not confident I’ve got the right one on the Digitakt.

Would someone mind attaching a picture of the Digitakt one please?

Many thanks

Ohhhh you already have experience with other Elektron gear … you will most likely love the Octatrack then.

…and realized this would have been a foolish purchase. Cured the GAS with a lengthy AR session. Now that machine has grown on me since I got the DT.

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Yep. I have done the exact same thing. I was really impressed with the Digi and thought why not just bite the bullet and go all out for the Octatrack Mk 2.

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I’d be interested to hear from DT users what it’s like saving things. I haven’t seen much outcry on that front. But in the OT you sort of just accidentally lose all your work all the time. User error of course. But that would be my careful advice to future OT users - yes it can do a lot - but it requires very frequent and careful sample management and saving to not end up with botched work all the time. At least it did in my experience. You almost need an electric shock when you touch the power switch to make you rethink turning the thing off

my only real feature request for the OT - aside from 8 physical outs - would be that turning the unit off didn’t wipe the audio buffers. does the DT do this?