Low output


My Analog Heat is on the final step of my audio chain. I use it as a mastering device, to apply subtle distortion and ‘warm up’ the sound.

But when i’m in the early stage of creating tracks, i bypass it by letting th ON button disabled. Problem is, it seem the in this scenario the Heat will bypass the audio a lot quieter than it receives. As you can see on the image below, my audio arrives on the Rytm at a very high volume, but when the audio leaves it and goes to my audio interface, it’s a lot quieter. As you can see the Master volume on the Heat is on max and even this way, the audio output is low. If i turn the ON button, i can increase the v olume by applying some drive, but in this stage i don’t want any drive as i’m just creating a new track and want to hear it flat.

What should i do to get a flat / bypass audio ouput in a good volume ?