Low tier iphone for music making

OK I need a new phone but budget is tight, what is the minimum and value iphone I can get which is 2nd hand that can run stuff like bm3, korg gadget etc.

For specific cause it the 2 mentioned
Bm3 doesn’t seem to be available for the iPhone. Korg gadget says you need at least ios 9.3.

It should also be noted that you need at least ios8 to access the store.

What kind of phone do I need?, seriously out of the loop on iphones

Get a cheap af flip phone and use the money you save on an iPad :man_shrugging:t2:

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Thanks but I haven’t bought an iphone since 4, so no idea besides from ipad on what to look at?

Got an ipad but want something small to just make music on the go

How urgent is it? New iphones come out sep/oct every year, so if you can wait a few months for the next ones, the current 7 series would become even cheaper 2nd hand.

Thank you for that comprehensive answer, just need to find one now.

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iPod touch (assuming you don’t need cellular and instead just need the hardware/iOS)

FInd them just as expensive over here in the UK

I use my iPhone SE for music apps. The screen’s a little small but it works just fine. You can get a 2nd hand one for about £60 if you look hard enough…

…although I might be selling mine!