Lying Dalai @ Soundcloud

A4 + AR + 0Coast…


So good!

beautiful! would be curious to know what part(s) the 0-coast was playing.

The insane detuned frenetic part is No-Coast (from 1:12)
It’s passing through A4 filter though, not the plain 0-Coast sound.

Figured tonight the digital FX from A4 were overloaded ! Guess I’ll have to replay this track !

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Really loving everything abt this… esp the no coast!

Truly some unique sounds and textures in here. Kept my ear interested the whole time. Like the tempo changes/speedups/slowdowns. Great main pads/chords.

Thank you friends, your words are warming my heart.

Doesn’t this A4 sound lovely ? No additional FX/mastering/cutting or whatsoever, it was recorded live with AR / A4 / 0C !

You know what ? It’s the first time I happened to make a track I can actually call techno !!

:cb: :alien::scream_cat::smiley_cat::smile_cat:

0-Coast and A4 are becoming lovers, can’t think of separating these two… :heart:


Love 40rds – listened to it many times, even at the gym. Always a sucker for the wobbly chords!

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Cool :smiley:
Yes I love these too, I’ve discovered the beauty of A4 second filter resonance…

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I like the aggressive groove. Nice!

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I like your sounds and moods! Following so I can dig in a bit more later

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In Memoriam: Gene Frenkle: 1950-2000

100% Machinedrum + 99.9% Cowbell
(+ two samples from SNL)

Resonating brief for this Elektronaut Mission by @Ryan


Chanced on this one yesterday on SoundCloud – nice one!

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Thank you mate :slight_smile: Glad you like it !
Track challenge is still open, anyone is invited to participate !!

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100% Monomachine. Live take.
Random LFO 2 on the speed of Square LFO 1 on AMP VOL to achieve probability trigging (and frenetic mutes on top of this).


Ohh, i see what you did there! :slight_smile:

Great FM techniques, bit busy on the ears, but that’s just my tinnitus and age talking

Yes, I figure now that the track has been rendered mono !
I’ll check this.

EDIT : I reuploaded the two last tracks.
I had forgotten to deactivate the mono conversion used on SNL samples. :scream:

I thought the track sounded not as good in Soundcloud. Once again, the anomaly was located on the seat.