Lying Dalai @ Soundcloud

(Couldn’t find a topic I initiated to submit new tracks, so here it is)

Just dropped my 13th track on Soundcloud.
It’s still far from perfect, but things are getting slowly better…

This track is the first real collaboration with my good friend Tamaris !
We still have to find a name for this collaborative project is now called “Elabo” :slight_smile:
We still have to find and a productive workflow : last session was 5 hours without interruption, and nothing much came out of this… Well, apart the huge fun both of us got, which is already quite something ^^

Drop an ear, post your remarks, enjoy !!


Very cool song!!


Really enjoyed this Lying Dalai. Makes me wish I had someone to collaborate with here in town. Something about having another person’s creative energy/input can really make a jam fun and satisfying!

I really dig that artwork as well :joy: How did you get the photo to look so much like a painting ?

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Totally true !
I really love collaboration, live jamming with someone else really brings you high :smiley:

Now I want to have enough tracks for a set, and play in front of people : a loooot of work is still awaiting !

Artwork was “borrowed” to the amazing Masashi Wakui.
(credits bellow the track in Soundcloud)

Nice production on this :slight_smile: good balance between hooks/arpeggios and more complicated stuff too.

wiked track… i like it

Love it when that bass rolls in!

Excellent track! Bigup!!

Thanks guys :smiley:

I know points I have to train on to get some better sound, but I’m glad you enjoy this already :slight_smile:

If you wish to check my friend Tamaris’ solo project, here is the link :

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I just posted a new track yesterday, OP1+MD is really a great combo !


Acid !!

This track is a collaboration with a complete stranger, SixtySeven.
Exchanges did work, and it was much fun to change his first guitar line into some acid bass with the OT :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
SixtySeven threw me back what I had done and so on until it was done :


Nice stuff mate :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Thx, I’m very glad of the final result !

There are 4 different drums btw, 2 of which are MD and AR.
The track was mainly crafted in Ableton Live though, and I must say that I took much pleasure breaking the bass or drums in Live…

digging it, nice work!!



Glad you dig it :slight_smile:
First guitar line I was sent was some kind of Pink Floyd solo :smiley:
I got the OT on the case, and soon it became this acid bass.
I love this sampler !

damn! :+1: love the track generally and how you transformed the guitar line. pitch shifting and effects, i assume?

i did enjoy the tracks Lying Dalai :slight_smile: nnice!

Thx guys ! :+1:

@dubathonic Yes indeed, pitch and FX :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Easy way to cook an acid bass, I discovered.


New track with OP-1 + AR + samples from H2G2
Enjoy !