M:C data knob slight defect

I just picked up a used M:C and just noticed there are two detents on the data knob that do not transmit data - i.e. there are two clicks of the knob that won’t change the value. It’s not like the knob works/doesn’t work randomly, it works correctly until I hit a certain point in the rotation and at that point there are two clicks in a row that don’t change the value. This is my first elektron machine and I assume this is a defect/breakage issue and not just the expected quality of the machine right?

Anyone else experienced this? Will it get worse / do you think I should return it over this minor issue? If it’s not going to get worse I’d probably just keep it but just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

I have a similar issue in a model:samples, one of the detents is a bit soft, depending on how you turn it, it might or might not fail to send the value.

It has got worse. When I bought my m:s (new) the first one they sent was like yours, and I asked for a replacement. The replacement (the one I have now) had a spot that felt physically soft, but it worked. It’s degraded since then, but it’s manageable.

You have a much more well-defined problem though. My suggestion would be to contact elektron and see what they say. I’d be interested to hear how you get on.