M:C Scratchy, Noisy Volume Pot

Normally, I set the volume encoder and leave it alone. Lately though, I’ve had to do some adjustments of the volume when using the M:C. An issue that has popped up is that the output gets noisy or scratchy with every step turn of the encoder. If I turn the knob quickly, it sounds more like white noise, if I turn a single click of the encoder, it’s more of a click/pop. Is this indicative of a dusty encoder? Has anyone else experienced this, or can test this?

I don’t have a Model:Cycles, but that was happening with my Digitakt. Sprayed a little deoxit and used a cotton swab on the encoder, and the scratchy pops were gone.

Looks like I have the same problem but with the Model:Samples. However I doubt it is a scratchy or worn encoder because I’m pretty sure the encoder only controls a digital volume chip. Maybe the chip is to blame? It is also might depend on the load connected to the output (amp, headphones, etc.) But, I’m not 100% sure. I asked a question about this problem in the M:S category in this forum, but nobody came back with the same problem so far.

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You could be on to something here. I was running the M:C through an effects pedal (a fuzz-like pedal at that), so perhaps it was the pedal picking up on something during the volume changes and amplifying it. I’ll try to check it out via headphones or without the pedal in the path.

Same here mate.

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