M:Cycles dual mono out -> single

Hey, can someone tell me if I’m being stupid…
The! model:cycles has a stereo output. I thought I would be clever and use a dual mono to single jack cable (see pic) so that I only have to use one input on my interface. When I plug it in though, there’s only strange ghostly artefacts of the signal. Like they’re cancelling each other out… if I just use one of the duo, the signal comes out ok.


it’s probably balanced so looks for +/-signal - thus cancelling

Besides potential trouble with balanced connections that s also not a proper electrical summing of 2 signals. You can properly split signals like that, but not sum them. Look for ‘passive summing circuit’ and you ll find diy methods that just require 2 resistors and some soldering.

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Which interface you have? Most interface inputs are mono channels, so trying to sum a stereo signal into one mono channel would not work.

Pan everything left and use a regular cable.

I did it live once because I ran out of OT inputs. Sounded just fine.


Right, that’s interesting! And a waste of 18 quid.
Yeah might take your suggestion Craig. It’s cool that it has stereo but takes up too many leads when I’m just practising/figuring out how to use it.