M:S - loop up page 2 of 32 stp pattern?

I havent worked out how to loop up the 2nd half of a 32 stp pattern eg on page 2 of the pattern. I was just wanting to focus on that half for a while without listening to the first half. Similarly is there a way to loop up any of the single pages of a pattern so you can focus on that part?

As a workaround im thinking I could separate it into different 16 step patterns and chain them but wondering if i can do what im after within one pattern? Just listen to the 2nd half for a while

EDIT* disregard - @bibenu’s workaround is another option


I think it’s possible, it’s a bit of a hack. Two parts to it.

  • If you hold down func and turn level/data you “rotate” notes within the track. So 16 clicks and your bar 2 notes are now in bar one.
  • now shorten the track to 16 and you should be playing the 2nd bar only (your second bar, which you just moved to 1st bar)

Now make your changes and then reverse step 2 which brings back the other 16 notes, and reverse step 1 which will put your 2nd bar in the right place.

This is from memory so PLEASE save your pattern before you start, in case I missed something and it all gets messed up


Cheers i will try that workaround or split the pattern up

Oops, correction