M:s + m:c =?

Hey guys.

I have a M:S and absolutely loving it. Had a couple of gigs with it.
Then I got OT MK1 which I’m currently selling - can’t really get a hold of it.

My question is to you whom has both the M:S and M:C - how do you find the combination of these two?

Or if I like the M:S so much should I get another one and use two for live?

Thank you

I tend to use one or the other. the lack of audio in on the model series means if I’m using one with a 2nd unit I naturally gravitate to something that has audio in such as for me octatrack or digitone, digitakt etc so I don’t need a mixer.

lack of audio in on the models is my main gripe with em, personally.



They work great together, the M:C generates gorgeous kicks, percussion, chords, bass and harsh noise. The M:S can bet set to act as the backbone to the M:C because it provides samples for expanding the tonal palette beyond the unfiltered FM sounds of the M:C.

If you like the M:S enough to get another one, go for it. Nobody can help with that decision, it’s too personal with a lot of variables.

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(C+S)M : SC

:smiley: sorry couldn’t resist!