M:S + Traktor Sync

Been trying to sync Model Samples & Traktor but it just does not work!!!
(yes midi clock on on traktor is on etc)

Sync with Ableton is great. Synced with link via ableton and it works, but thats one step too many.

Has anyone successfully made this work?

What’s your hardware setup for Traktor? Are you using one of NIs controllers?
I’m pretty sure there is a setting in Traktor to switch on external sync. (I’m not at my computer just now).
I know I had an Electribe and Digitakt synced up when I used to have an S8. I just used a MIDI cable to connect.
You should be able to set this up from any MIDI interface. Should work over USB MIDI too.

I use a pair of X1’s

Yeah i’m trying USB midi sync - external sync/midi clock etc is all on, it works fine with other gear too … just not the M:S!! Cant figure it out :confounded:

Ok figured it out :slight_smile:
you need to add a Generic MIDI Device in Traktor

Preferences > Controller Manager > Add Generic MIDI Device > Choose M:S

Then switch on external sync