M4L devices changed or gone from Ableton11

Ever since i updated to ableton 11, some of my favorite max devices have changed, and some have even totally disappeared. i’m able to bring them back if i find a project file that used one, but they don’t appear in the browser.

some of you certainly recall when many of the main M4L essentials changed from the blue interface to the yellow. i believe this is when ableton claimed that the devices were now fully integrated, or something to that effect. well, ever since the 11 update, many of the devices have gone back to blue. the blue versions are smaller and have a poorer layout overall.

additionally, the Shaper and Enevelope device have completely disappeared. like i said above, project files that use them still have them, but they are gone from the browser. can anyone else verify this?

I have not had this problem with M4L and Live 11.

I do admit that I am still wrapping my head around where Live 11 expects new M4L devices to be on my drive after downloading them.

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Stuff like Shaper and Envelope are now “Built-In” and were moved from Core Library to Audio Effects and MIDI Effects categories. I think they don’t show in the Max For Live category anymore.

Probably because Intro and Standard have those now even without owning M4L, I guess they didn’t want to deal with user speculation about a “Max For Live” category suddenly appearing in Intro/Standard’s Browser.

Can you confirm the built-in version of shaper and envelope are working for you in 11? They don’t show up for me anymore. It’s not a matter of me looking in the wrong place. They just don’t show up.

Yes, they all work fine here. “Envelope” is “Envelope MIDI” now. They show in the top of searches now that they are built-in.

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