Machinedrum and minilogue MIDI question

Hello everyone.

Probably a noob question since I only have my machinedrum for a few weeks, but when I connect the MD to a minilogue (MD Midi out -> ML Midi in) the MD starts to trigger the minilogue in every track, not only on the parts that I specifically choose the Midi Machine.

So, for instance, if I put a EFM BD on track 1 in steps 1, 5, 9 and 13 (clever, huh?) I get a Minilogue C1 note on every bass drum kick. Even if all other parts are empty. This obviously is not what I want, I want to assign a Midi machine on a track (M1) and only have the minilogue to play those parts.

I’m pretty sure I’m missing something obvious…sorry about that but I’m still figuring out this Midi wizardly.


Set the MIDI channel of your Minilogue so that it does not overlap with the BASE CHANNEL values in the MD’s GLOBAL > CONTROL > BASE CHANNEL menu.

You can get more details on page 59 of the MD’s manual.

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Thanks man! I had no idea what base channel was. Will look into it.


Put your MD Base Channel to – -- so MD trigger the Minilogue just with your Midi machine

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