Machinedrum Appreciation

Having spent the last couple of years without a Machinedrum, opting instead for the Octatrack, Analog Four and other bits and pieces, I have to say, it’s great to be back… To me, this is the machine that really made me fall in love with making music, it was the first piece of hardware I ever bought and I can’t believe I ever thought I could do without it… I don’t care that it doesn’t have micro timing or that it’s not analog - I love the robotic sound of the sequencer and the way it sounds - so sharp, metallic and punchy. I even love using the TM-1 and C6, a much more careful process that makes you really think about each and every sample. Don’t even get me started on the aesthetics, what a beautiful machine… It looks like it was made 50 years in the future.

In my opinion, the Machinedrum has never sounded so fresh- it’s not an 808, it’s not a 909, it’s a Machinedrum and that’s a fine thing in the age of the analog revival!


So true

I luckily own all of them elektron toys, and of course it’s stellar gear
But MD is waaaay beyond, even if it’s almost the older one, and if I had to give away my instrumentation but one piece, it’s the only I should keep!
The beautiful (beautiful) sounds that live in A4, AR and OT are - yeah - gorgeous, but other (expensive) gear could reproduce 'em.
But no other machine can recreate the sounds that come from MD (and they’re often far from being as beautiful as the sounds from its sisters!) so cool and unique.
Inspiring, versatile, surprising, one of the coolest instruments I ever had

I like it too… Least bitched about piece of gear on this board…

My best synth, my best machinedrum.

:+1: Totally agree with everything said especially the careful sample selection bit. It’s such an immediate machine. Everything to hand and everything p lockable. The delay is worthy of being a standalone unit. :heart:

The pinnacle of Elektron user interface design - optimum balance of depth and simplicity.

Lmao - MD UserWave would be my only one desert island device. :+1:

It looks like it was made 50 years in the future. <= SO TRUE

Tryed a lot of drum/groove box. This one will stay with me forever, no options.

bought one used, fell in love with it… recorded a tonne of tracks… sold it thinking I didn’t need it with the octatrack and other drum machines… TR8, Tempest, mfb 522, etc… just didn’t like any of them like I like the MD. Love the MD.

I’m so happy I was able to find an SPS-1 again. The synthesis is what I love about the MD.

The MD is probably one of the greatest peice of music gear from any instrument manufacturer in the last decade.
If I had to choose between the Md and the Rytm, the Rytm would be gone in an instant.

bought the Rytm sold the Rytm , MD stayed … ! ctl for the win

Agree! Just sold the rytm and so glad to see it go - the mfb522 / vermona drm1 whip the AR’s analog sound … the MD is going nowhere.

I love my MD, but the AR is going nowhere - I just think of it as an analog synth/sampler with pads and the best performance setup ever! It can do drums, percussion, synths, chords, leads, bass - whatever you want. I think MD and AR are my two top Elektron boxes at this time, with A4 next.

And I do have an mfb522 - I can’t even compare that simpleton with the AR in terms of sound shaping possibilities, malleability, well you know the drill (just listen to all the AR entries in the recent competition to get an idea).

I too must confess a undying love for the MD. By far the easiest most complete piece of Electron gear I own; also have A4 and Octatrack with a RYTM otw in a month.

MDUW is still a freaky machine, I love it and have sold and bought the red devil back like 7 times now

My MDUW wants to fly out the window and go hunting for the limp ar’s in the world - kind of like a red Alien hunter ready to fire digital red beams at all other drum machines on the planet

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I had a Tempest for a long time, thinking it was something I would really like. That didn’t work out.

I finally got the MD-UW instead, and I really wish I’d done it sooner. A monster drum machine that goes to seriously way-out places.

What didn’t jive for you with the Tempest?

I feel my heart flutter when I see the Machinedrum. Excited when I hear it’s sweet voice. There is energy I feel in my fingertips when I place my hands gently upon it.

I think Machinedrum is my soulmate. Which, you know, it might be preferable if my soul mate was an actual person(like a woman)- but, I suppose I should just be grateful that I have and am with my soulmate instead of getting pissy over who/what that soul mate is.

<3 I love Machinedrum <3

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elektron should make a analog version of the MD. and with better encoders. because the encoders are the weakest point of the MD.

My MD was packed up with my MNM ready to be sold, but I took it out for one last jam and realised I couldn’t sell it. I’m actually going to sell my RYTM instead.