Machinedrum art installation

For the upcoming CURRENT Festival ( CURRENT — Kunst und urbaner Raum / 9.–19. Sept / Stuttgart ) taking place in Stuttgart, Germany I made a piece for a sound installation using my beloved Machinedrum. The festival is about using urban space, and my installation will be running on a non stop loop starting from tomorrow (about 24 hours after this post) in the Klett-Passage at Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof on two ceiling speakers from the Klett-Passage, for 10 days. Between the BW Bank and AVEC store for any Stuttgarters out there, there will be a DIN A4 sticker on the wall with the same picture as the link, marking the spot where you can hear the sound.
The piece consists of 4 tracks of (almost)pure Machinedrum sounds.
Track 1 was 16 different machines layered ( I can’t remember which) & each recorded with all 16 lfos per machine.
Track 2, 3, and 4 were all just single GND machines each with all 16 lfos per machine.
Usually a lot of random lfo going on, and for tracks 2,3, & 4 I used my Digitones sequencer with trig probability. Track 1 was just each machine had a different random sequence I programmed.
I used external effects (delay & reverb) and recorded everything on my Tascam 414, and pitched it way down by playing it back on a different Taperecorder that could go even slower and recording that.
I really just wanted to make some generative machinedrum patches and I love what came out, I feel like this machine could really sound like anything. It is my homage to this wonderful 20 year old device that I have come to care about so greatly.


Excellent work, really great soundscapes! Machinedrum is pretty amazing! :heart:

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Really good! Thanks for sharing. There is nothing like MD-UW.


Thanks means alot :slight_smile:


Really loved this. So the tracks were multiple recordings of the MD, not a live performance right?

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Yes exactly, this one wasn‘t intended to be performance aimed although that would have also beeen an interesting approach. I don‘t think I could have gotten nearly as glacial though because things were pitched down through half speeding tape recordings at various points in the process. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: