Machinedrum-based Performance Rig

Hi all, i’m working on a performance rig, designing the concept, the idea, the signal flow…

current plans:

Korg Prophecy
ESP bass
Tube preamp/overdrive
analog Octave Multiplexer pedal

ableton on a macbook synced to the MD clock via the TM-1

Midi path is Machinedrum Midi Out -> Prophecy Midi In, Midi Thru to TM-1 Midi In

Machinedrum sends transport and clock

Ableton set to Ext sync

Machinedrum kit ‘template’…

Trig-Tracks 1-8 = drums, samples

Trig Tracks 13-16, M1-M4 are two Recording and two Playback machines

Below them is a Ctrl-8p machine on Trig Track 12, to control Input gain and playback volume/eq

Below that machine, another control utility, remote control of Ableton channel volumes and crossfader via a Mid Machine, chosen for Trig Track 11,
giving control of six midi parameters via the rotaries.
Controlling 3 individual channel volumes in Ableton, the Crossfader position, bass boost/attenuate for two of the individual channels.

Trig Track 10 gets a global EQ ctrl machine

global control of the Dynamix compressor for Trig Track 9


anyway not sure if i should be including Ableton in the rig.

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Okay revised edition. Rig 2.0, as it were :smiley:

The Rig must fit inside a dj booth. Not due to any desire to hang out in the dj booth, but really it is the designated ‘stage’, for want of a better word, in many, many venues with kickass sound systems.


that is all.

6 tracks of drums (synthetic or samples)

4 Record Machines, 4 Play Machines

2 Midi Machines, one to play/p-lock the Prophecy,
the other used to crossfade between vj loops on a hidden-away laptop running GrandVJ.

Record Machine 4 and Play Machine 4 always reserved for the Transition Trick

Use the Global Slots as identical Slots except for Routing, to effectively work as an audio matrix switcher for previewing purposes.

Previewing a track or collection of tracks, the audio will go through Output E and either into the on-site dj mixer to then be cued through the mixer’s headphone connection, or i will bring a mini-mixer, a Xenyx with only two inputs (and not powered by usb, but rather via power transformer).


Sounds well thought out.
If you want to go all-out, you can get it down to just a Machinedrum. People are usually impressed when you roll up to the show with a drum machine & nothing else :grinning:


This is the goal I strive for. Some day there will be only an unadorned kick drum and I will have reached my final form.


been there, done that. is it all that? sure is. pulsing a crowd with just a bass drum from the Machinedrum.

what did i do?

after a while, i pressed Stop. didn’t realise it was the Machinedrum, somehow i thought my buddy Elixza was playing the sound from Traktor lol.

we laughed, he cued in another track, everything was cool.

one of the best experiences of my life.