Machinedrum + Beatstep Pro sync problem

Hi guys, first poste here :slight_smile:

I just added to my setup the Arturia Beatstep pro. I’ve got a Machinedrum Sps-1 UW Mk1
I’m trying to use the BSP as master and machinedrum as slave.
I only need the MD to get the external tempo and play/stop signals. I don’t want it gets other midi messages. What happens now is that some values on the BSP sequencers 1 or 2 trigger sounds or even program change on the MD.
I’ve tryied midi OUT from the BSP and midi IN on the MD at the moment, setting Tempo In/ON and Control IN/ON on the MD.
For those who have this setup, could be the solution to: using the clock OUT of the BSP with the DIN adaptor(black one) to the midi IN of the MD?

Thanks guys!

I know by now, you may have solution. If not, in the system setup, change the MD midi receive to channels other than what midi channels are coming out of BSP.