MachineDrum Custom Panels (Black & Gold LTD 2023 Edition)

We just released a very limited batch of black & gold MachineDrum (mk1 & mk2) & MonoMachine (mk2) panels.

AUDIO Parasites | Sydney NSW | Facebook

You can contact us at:


Shouldn’t you put the word “panel” in the thread title?

Yes and corrected :blush:

Looks great, nice work! :beers:

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That looks devine
How bout a pic of the mono

I ordered a set of these and they arrived this afternoon… gorgeous!


What’s the Gunners connection?

Absolutely stunning

Any plans on doing the same for the OT?
Just had a look at your FB. That was not a good idea. All those euroracks are giving me GAS.

We looked into it, but all the newer series of Elektron gear is riddled with stand-offs.
All the earlier Elektron stuff is flat and much easier to get fabricated.

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No MnM mk1 panel? :frowning:

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didn’t you sell your mnm? lol

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There is a mk1 available in black with gold/white.

email me:


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Do these new panels come with the little plastic window for the screen?

I purchased a MNM that came with a AP panel, but I didn’t install it because the screen has no protection.

Hey man,

Yep, they all come with the window. Not sure why your 1 didn’t?

I fell back in love with it.

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So I read that as MD (mk1) :frowning:

It’s okay

I’ll just spray paint mine. :wink:

Lets see the results :slight_smile: