Machinedrum DJ: thoughts

just mastered the art of syncing ableton to machinedrum and capturing a 2 bar loop perfectly with no click at the start…

set ableton to 19.5 millisecond delay

imported a tech/electro house track

set the start point to just behind the pale blue inverted triangle pulse indicator on the track, set the track to loop 2 bars, rather than play the entire thing.

set external sync on

pressed play

captured a perfect two bar loop.

in previous times, the loop i captured was, although technically in time, was starting on the first beat about 10 percent in to the start of the bassdrum, and so therefore there was a click sound at the start.

anyway, it worked.

so i right clicked on the start point of the track in ableton and chose “Set 1.0.0 to be Here” … and from there, easily dragged the loop braces about the place, and similarly captured another perfect 2 bar loop to the Machinedrum.

The second loop was captured at full quality, resulting in a 288k file for two bars at 124bpm

Ten of them and that is the memory gone.

But here is the cool thing: the first loop got captured at a quarter bit quality and it was 76k, sounding just as cool if not even better than the second loop at 100 percent bit quality.

I then set a Ctrl 8P machine to control the volume and frequency width of both Play machines containing the recent recordings.

sounds absolutely amazing …

i’m thinking if this was done with about 5 - 7 section samples (looping two bar sections) of a song, that would be enough for say five songs all saved on the Userwave drive 48 slots, in a Samplebank of their own. With maybe a bit of room left for realtime resampling, and maybe a couple of supportive bassdrums and vocal samples.

if they were all the same tempo, and all were related to each other, or there was a logical sequence of musical/rhythmic relevance, this could then be the basis of a fifteen minute Machinedrum DJ session during a performance.