Machinedrum Dub Sounds

Has anyone been able to get these kind of Dub sounds out of their x.04 update and if so would be willing to share the MD settings? I am really trying to get those two different Chords and the Bass I am sure is a SN Machine but I am horrible at recreating something I hear.


Wow… really good stuff. Only serves to remind me how utterly incompetent I am with my MD. :grimacing:


I wish I could tell you. But I have never used the machinedrum, just the DT and the OTmk2. When it comes to bass, while a lot of people slam resonant filters that “cut” the bass, when you get the filter cutoff and the resonance at just the right spot you can really get quite a peak of booming bass. So for whatever it’s worth, pull up that SN machine and see if cutting the filter pretty far and adding that resonance doesn’t eventually yield the sweet spot I’m talking about and give you what your looking for in that bass saturation.

Not sure if the MD filter is like the low pass filter on the OT, with the “base”, “wdth”, and “Q”, if so when it comes to that it’s a combination of filter cut off around 11 o-clock, the base knob somewhere around 9-10 o-clock, and the “Q”/resonance at around 1 o-clock, and then just meddle with those settings until you hear what your looking for if it has that “base” control on the MD’s filter. The reason the resonance, that most people think takes away your bass, which it takes out the given frequency from the sound uncut, but with the resonance and filter cutoff it also kind of pushes all of the frequencies into like a peak and so it kind of squishes the sound making it more dynamic when it passes through, like if you put your thumb on a water hose and get it to where the water is coming out under pressure and you can get it to blast out really hard, that’s kind of what your doing with those controls to the waveform, and when you get it just right that bass will just blow out hard. Hope that helps you out in some way with becoming more familiar with your MD’s filter and getting that pounding bass.

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Lowpass filter the chord.
Mess with the delay settings and use a lot of feedback, and reduce the high frequencies.

The delay timing is very important so tweak that until you get that dubby rythm going

Yaaayyyy the person who posted the video added the settings to the description.

Chord 1 GND-SW DEFAULT PTC1= 47 DEC= 85 RAMP= 0 RDEC= 0 PTC2= -7 PTC3= 4 SKEW= 127 UNIS= 0 AMD= 0 AMF= 0 EQF= 64 EQG= 0 FLTF= 0 FLTW= 53 FLTQ= 43 SRR= 0 DIST= 0 VOL= 127 (PAN= -24 DEL= 91) (REV= 88) LFOS= 93 LFOD= 17 LFOM= 0 LFO Routing (Function+LFO) PARAM= FLTW SHP1= Exponential decay UPDTE= TRIG

Chord 2 GND-PU TONAL PTC1= 54 DEC= 64 RAMP= 0 RDEC= 0 PTC2= -11 PTC3= 6 WIDT= 127 UNIS= 0 AMD= 0 AMF= 0 EQF= 36 EQG= -16 FLTF= 47 FLTW= 28 FLTQ= 38 SRR= 0 DIST= 0 VOL= 127 (PAN= 22 DEL= 0) (REV= 51) LFOS= 127 LFOD= 7 LFOM= 127 LFO Routing (Function+LFO) PARAM= FLTW SHP2= Exponential decay (Inverted) UPDTE= TRIG

Kick/Bass GND-SN DEFAULT PTC1= 8 DEC= 77 RAMP= 9 RDEC= 4 PTC2= 0 PTC3= -64 PTC4= -64 UNIS= 0 AMD= 0 AMF= 0 EQF= 64 EQG= 0 FLTF= 0 FLTW= 127 FLTQ= 0 SRR= 0 DIST= 0 VOL= 127 (PAN= 0 DEL= 0) (REV= 0) LFOS= 64 LFOD= 0 LFOM= 0 “Bass” is P-locked (PTC1 and sometimes DEC for longer tones)


Loved that scan video of the machine.

It seems the settings are in the discription.

Edit: oops I should have read further.

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lord bless those GND machines


This track is for those saying the MD digital heart sounds cold.


Holy s**t those CT scans of the MD are cool! And a lovely track. Look forward to testing out those settings. Thanks for sharing!


More unreal MD dub Zamal! Genius! What is the midi controller you are using? Keep up the amazing work and thank you for sharing!

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Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
It is the trusty Faderfox MX12 :blush:

Great use of the MD !

Also love Zamal track.

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I did the Upgrade and enjoy the additional SN machines. Here, the stabs are 3 SN osc on a Dubmission, the pad is a recorded Matrix 1000 direct into MD. No external efx, edits.


Which drums are internal and which are sample based?

Sounds great!

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Thanks!! I only used sampled 909 open hats and rides the rest is all internal. :slight_smile:

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