Machinedrum midi routing

hey my frend s im locking for a way to kontrol my md wit a midi controler …in my case a faderfox pc4 …my plan is to bring the synthesis / effects/routing sekion on the fader fox … im interresting is it working ? thankfull vor anny ideer

Yes it works.
You have to choose midi base channel.

11 for example :

Tracks 1-4 are controlled by channel 11
Tracks 5-8 are controlled by channel 12
Tracks 9-12 are controlled by channel 13
Tracks 13-16 are controlled by channel 14

thx …but how to make the routing …my englisch is supper bad … i dont find it in the manuals

CC mapping is at the end of the manual.
Easier to read (thanks @MDMnM)

Edit :
So I made this. Please tell me if there’s something wrong. (Edit : Sample Rate Reduction has been reduced :slight_smile: , I have to correct that later)

Feel free to download the PDF, the XLS / ODS files and edit them.

Machinedrum-Control-Changes.pdf (2.1 MB)

MachineDrumControlChanges.xls (13.5 KB)

MachineDrumControlChanges2.ods (20.6 KB)


wow man thx a looot

This just saved my life