MachineDrum Mk1 Power supply

Hello Elektronaut people,
I have just purchased a Mk1, And it is all I expected and more. Beautiful and easy to use.
My problem is trying to source a power supply, as experienced users will know this is a rather hard to locate 6v AC/AC 3mA type. I have had no luck in finding one anywhere, does anyone have any up to date leads here?
I’m sure this question is a regular so apologies in advance.
Best wishes Bob Breeks,

Here is a thread with some links to different options, not sure how up to date it is:


Altro, thanks yes I’d located The Mascot brand but the 6v option (8810) doesn’t seem to be available from Pulsar or RS here in the UK, although both listed it at some stage. Thanks for your help.

This may need a new tip or polarity flip (if you can solder) … I didn’t look further, but you’re in the right ballpark (although out of stock) and if you are needing other general things you can build up an order for free postage

in fact the tip on that one is too narrow (only 2.1mm centre+), but you can do a neat job with a replacement and heat shrink

something to consider if the exact one is hard to source

I’d hunt for a switching psu though (if that one isn’t)

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Yes indeed it looks like that Norwegian Company does indeed sell something similar, it seems to be 1A, I will dig deeper and break out my Norwegian dictionary. Thanks. I will post results anyway.

avantronica, thanks for that shout, that is indeed a switching unit from Farnell, it doesn’t exactly say its an AC/AC unit but I will confirm, and yes as you say back order at present. Not frightened of a soldering iron so a tip replacement would be easy. Could be a very viable option. If they ever become available.
Thanks so much for the pointer.

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Apologies, i assumed ‘AC/AC’ was a typo alongside ‘3mA’ :wink:

I’d no idea these earliest ones were AC

Scrap that suggestion, i guess that will be a trickier search

But i will add this, if you struggle finding an (3A)18W psu, try also looking for a 24 or 30W one as the price may not be that much higher, if at all

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I purchased one a few months back on eBay and it’s worked fine.

Here’s the link if you’re interested, just make sure you select the appropriate voltage!


Indeed I did write 3mA that should have read 3A. My mistake and possible confusion.
The best bet so far looks like the Skyddstransformator 6VAC 19 VA from Norway, avaliable from Adapterexpertan at
I need to speak to them to clarify the output.


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thanks for that connection, this looks like the baby.
Quite a price at checkout £75. (I’m UK).
But I didn’t ask for a cheap option did I?

I really appreciate this information especially as you have actually bought one, makes it easier to spend the money knowing that it actually works.
All the best.

Here’s the pic of the PSU I bought from that specific seller on eBay.

It works well; but it is less than 5ft in length, so you’ll need to be pretty close to a power outlet at all times.

No complaints though - it gets the job done!


excellent I will invest in just that unit.
Started me thinking why they even designed the MachineDrum and MonoMachine with such an esoteric pwer supply, but maybe it wasn’t so esoteric before the world and their dog started using DC. I’m not very clued up about it to be fair.
Seemingly reservations about the viabilty of the MK1, are for the present, unfounded. Which is good news as this power supply issue has been raised as a potential issue for even considering it as a second hand purchase. (I have found out after just purchasing one).
Thanks again for the recommendation.