Machinedrum MK1 x OT

I’ve been plotting on a Machinedrum for a while now.

I had a sonic potions lxr and really liked the sound and I imagine a Machinedrum would be similar.

I plan on sequencing the MD with the OT to make use of conditional trigs and micro timing.

My main question is, what would I be missing out on by getting a MK1 vs an MK2.

From my understanding the MK2’s have longer pattern lengths? And I’m imagining since I’m sequencing it with the OT it shouldn’t matter.

I also know I won’t be able to sample but I could use a couple OT tracks to layer some sample based percussion if needed.

Also curious if big boomy 808 trap sounding kicks are possible with the MD?

You can read a full list of the differences in the MD manual available on Elektron’s website.

Yes. Check some MD examples in videos etc to hear examples of this kind of thing.

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I’m mainly trying to find people who have used it with the octatrack and what their experience was like with it.

There’s plenty of experience for you to read:


Thanks <3