Machinedrum Parameter Locks and Beatstep Pro Sequencing

Hello all! I’ve been a very happy SPS UW+1 user for nearly a year but have always had trouble with menu diving, specifically between sequencing and muting. Having mapped my Arturia Beatstep Pro to the MD yesterday I am in heaven as the drum sequencer on the BSP allows me to focus only on effects and mod side on the MD itself. However I have found one major stumbling block. Is anyone here using the same combo and do you know if there’s a way to record parameter locks in real time without recording the sequence into the MD’s sequencer? Basically when I go to realtime record the p-locks the MD records the sequence from the BSP into it and it starts double triggering which would be fine but there are times sigs and trigs on the BSP that can’t be sequenced on the MD which leads to a cacophonous sound after 1 bar. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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no chance. the P-Locks are MD exclusive only. you can use a external controller to record parameters in the MD sequencer, that’s all.

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That’s a balls but it makes sense. I was hoping that someone might have a work-around. Thanks for the reply!

Does the BeatstepPro support MIDI CC per step ?
Would be (fiddly) workaround …

Unfortunately my knowledge of MIDI is basic at best meaning I can neither answer that question nor determine it from reading the spec/manual! :frowning:

i do know nothing about the Beatstep’s possibilities, but it is possible to mute every track of the Machinedrum via Midi CC, at least in Ableton Live. and recording all parameters of the MD in most software sequencers (including hardware) is indeed possible. you just need the Midi chart.

i got this chart somewhere from the internet, but i’ve added the stuff below for the Muting myself.

@greengravel Is there any chance you can share the BSP mapping that got both devices working together? Ive been spinning my wheels trying to get these two to talk to each other with no luck.

I’m away from my MD at the moment but what I remember doing is going to the menu where you can assign the notes that each drum part corresponds to. I went through each one and when the cursor was on the note for the track I wanted to assign to the BSP I would press the drum pad on the BSP I wanted to correspond to it and it would automatically assign it. Discovered it by pure chance after many hours of frustration. AFAIK you have to confirm by pressing YES otherwise it wont save that assignment. Make sure you’re on the right midi channel for MD to receive from the drum seq of the BSP.


Got it thanks.

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