Machinedrum power supply

I’m considering bidding on a listing for an sps1 , it reads that they’ve used a underrated power supply for the machine. Could this cause damage in the long run?

This is the power supply they used.

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From what I remember then it´s that if a PSU is run over it’s rated capability, voltages can drop considerably causing motherboard regulators to overwork to compensate which definitely isn’t great. So in short - yes it can cause damage I’m not really sure exactly what damage though. The damage will depend on the period of time it’s been used with the wrong PSU. I remember I had a computer with an underrated PSU which resulted in HDD corruption in the long run. Don’t really remember any other damage, but this was about 13 years ago so it’s been a while. So I’d definitely try another option if possible because nothing’s more depressing that getting hardware that’ll need service too soon. I really don’t understand why someone with an as lovely instrument as the Machinedrum wouldn’t take better care of it. Hope you find one! It’s an amazing tool!


Thank you!

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Just ordered a mint in box mkii :slight_smile:


Amazing! You’re gonna love it!

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That power supply is rated for 2.8A but the MD mki requires 2.5A. Seems like enough power to me. Am I missing something?

I don’t think so. MDmki needs:

  • Voltage: 6 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Minimum Current Rating: 2.5 A
  • Barrel Connector Size: 5.5 mm outer diameter, 2.5 mm inner diameter, 6 mm length
  • Polarity: Positive center

So yeah, that power supply should be fine if the barrel fits and is centre positive.

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OK ty. I have one of those psu’s for my mki Md and this thread was making me nervous. :thinking: I do suspect it of causing intermittent boot problems though. I’ll follow up if I get a new PSU that solves the problem.

My MK1s were underpowered to the point where it became difficult to do live sets. The screen would dim and the kick was weak. I had condor electronics make me new PSUs with 2x the amperage and life was great after that.

Did the Mk1 really run on AC internally?

I’ve got Mk2 MD & MnM and they both run on 6V DC.

No, not internally, but the PSU really provides AC (the info I quoted above is direct from But I think an internal rectifier converts the AC to DC.

At Elektron-Users - Re:Machinedrum 'classic' power supply - help! - Elektron-Users somebody suggested that using a PSU that provides 9VAC is also OK, but I don’t know if that’s true:

you definitely needs AC, and will not work with DC…

my second hand MD came with a non-Elektron 9V AC 1500mA PSU which works just fine…(as the AC is rectified and regulated to DC inside the MD, so voltage is not as sensitive as with DC supplies)…

Yes, the mk2 uses a more conventional DC supply.


Hey I just asked someone to build me a mk1 power supply and it’s done and ready for action


Heya I have commissioned a mk1 supply it’s handmade just like the machinedrum :slight_smile:

Boutique power supply! The machinedrum deserves it

looks lovely that

The dude builds custom supplies for vintage pro ones and the like

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Just to drag up this thread because the new power supply fixed a boot up problem I was having so that’s ace