Machinedrum Sampling / Please Help

lm pretty late to the game here and find the sampling on the MD to be very confusing so here is my question…

How do l record a sample a single sound from an external source using the MD? To be even more specific how do I sample from my Nord Lead 2 to the MD and place it into BD, SD, etc?

To be clear I’m not trying to sample measures from records or anything like that, just single sounds from patches I’ve created over the years.

Im super lost, any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance. :scream:

There is a tutorial on the manual, Appendix A16. Did you try it?

Do you want to save your samples?
Pretty boring with MD.

Max recording time is 2 bars (RAM R1 > LEN =127)

As MD can send notes it would be interesting to play and record the Nord with 1 trig press.


Quick tutorial :

New kit
Press BD trig to record
Press SD trig to play


thanks for all the help so far. yes, l have the UW+ and its super sick!

I could try hitting the Nord with the MD triggers, but l have an Engine for my sequencing needs. lm just trying to turn some of the percussive sounds and noises i’ve made with the Nord into custom KITS. Ideally l would like to make a fully zonked-out NL2/A1 KIT. Ive been using the NL2 for a decade so lm pretty dialed in and can make any type of sound l want with it at this point.

lm wondering if it would just be easier to make them some other way and import them as samples?

This is my first time venturing into elektron so lm sorry if this old news or pretty basic stuff. So far im really pleased. Definitely a huge learning curve, but high risk equals high reward. The MD has been a total facemelter so far. Reminds me of being on drugs, but without the drugs.

I you want to make a lot of sounds, I think it’s easier with a DAW, especially to export with the minimum sample length, because MD is RAM limited, and recording length is defined before recording only. Other point, saving sound is pretty awkward.

Digitakt, AR, and Octatrack have better functions for recording; for MD it was an add-on. (AR/DT too actually).

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Indeed, recording your samples elsewhere and then uploading to the MD sounds like a more efficient workflow.

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thanks for all the help

yes sampling is tricky but once you grab the way it works you can do what you want and way more so i sugest start checking the third Elektron MD workflow video with the Manual and i think the tricky part is how the triggers work and the order of the machines. theres a lot of info here.

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One good thing about using the c6 import is that you can format your samples as mono and 22k to save on memory. I also pitch them up if they aren’t for use in bass register type things. I get a lot out of my little memory by doing that.


I thought is was automatically set to mono…

True but I’m not sure if that takes up extra memory or not. Probably not. In any case, I mix down my samples as mono to get the most accurate file size when setting up a bunch of samples to load into the MD.