Machinedrum slides ?!

Hey fellow elektronauts

I seem to have a problem with slides on my Machinedrum (sps-1 mk2).


HH on all 16 steps, and i want the decay to rise. If i set a slide on the 1st & 16st step, and p-lock the decay on the 1st & 16st step. (from 25 - 120)

Nothing happens !?

Anyone had a similiar problem ?


Hi you prob need to lock a value on every single trig for this to work
Im pretty sure it works between trigs, which is why its not working for you,

Rael is right.

Otherwise you can try to use an E12 machine and using the RTRG function, setting the speed to play 1/16th.

So with a trig on first step, then another on 16 you should be able to create the slide

Try an LFO instead of plock/slide.
I think that might be what you’re after.

Ohhh, thanks guys !

Never used the slide function. But I thought that you could let a parameter change over time using the slide function… Kinda wierd that you cant do that ?

No, you can…
But the slide only works from one trig to the next.
So, if you have a trig on 1, 3, 5, 7 etc, and a lock on trig 1, the parameter will only slide from trig 1 to trig 3 before it resets to whatever the decay is set to.
A work around if you want to use slides and plocks is to set a plock and slide on every trig.
Kind of a long way to do it.
Try using an LFO on your decay with a ramp and it should work and be much quicker.

Or record a real time parameter sweep, then tweak individual trigs as desired.

It used to be that a slide would work from one P-Locked parameter until the next Trig with the same parameter P-Locked.
Somehow it got lost in one of the OS updates. But i’m very sure it was working that way for a while.
Anyone notice this as well?

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I have noticed this too. Anyone know how to return to this functionality?