Machinedrum-type mute mode

Hi everyone, happy new Digitakt owner here!

I’ve looked through the manual and here but can’t seem to find an answer to my question, so here it goes:

I’m looking for a way to cue mutes just like it’s possible on the Machinedrum by holding function + selecting desired tracks and letting go of function. I’ve grown super dependent of that feature in my live sets, so any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Your pattrn is Running
Press Func in same time with the track that you want to mute or play.

@Log-c that’s not what he means. He means cuing a muted track (pre-listen)

You can’t cue mutes on digitakt.

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Oh that’s a real bummer right there man :’(

It’s not a pre-listen, is it? It’s like you select multiple tracks and then they all mute/unmute at the same time, when you let go of FUNC. Given that there is a dedicated mute mode on the Digitakt (where the trig keys become track mutes) I’d have thought they could add that with a software update. Func+trig doesn’t do anything else in that mode, right?

Ooh if that’s the case, then my bad :slight_smile:

Well, you can just go into mute mode and unmute multiple tracks at once, or press and hold func (or TRK+func when you’re in grid recording mode) to go to quick mute mode. You can just unmute multiple tracks by pressing func + multiple trigs.
In mute mode Func+trig doesn’t do anything special yet. Unmuting/muting multiple tracks like that is not implemented (yet, as far as I know)), but because of the 2x8 trig rows, muting/unmuting multiple trigs at once is really easy.

It just makes it easier/less stressful to do multiple mute/unmutes live. Though yeah, I would imagine that the 2x8 trig layout is easier to work with than 1x16.

See the thing is, with A4+MD setup, I would use both hands to cue mutes on either machine, then hold the function button while cueing mutes on the other one and boom release both function buttons for a sexy breakdown or whatever. With that feature, I was able to quickly mute all 16 tracks on the MD without a problem :slight_smile: Gotta practice some finger/hand speed on the Digitakt or wait for a potential mute/solo update :slight_smile:

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