Machinedrum uw for 799€

Worth it?
I was asking me if i should go for it or for AR (os updates, maybe more versatile…) but this f****g low price…

Get both ! :slight_smile:

It just really makes sense, one drum computer is not enough.

I paired the RYTM with an Novation Circuit , and the ability to have two independent drum pattern, is absolutly awesome.

In fact at the beginning i wanted to mangle some samples, i thought at OT but I figured out that I need some drums (i already have mpc but its workflow is pretty heavy (need to pause at every tweak of the sample or for sequencing etc) even with jjos 2xl.) so i think that md uw is good for me since it can do a little samplemangling and badass drum synthesis… Am i right?

What kind of music do you make?

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899 for the UW+mk2 & producer bag mate !!

If it’s still here by the end of the day, I empty the bank account…

is that a used price ?

Aw yes a last question: sps1 mk I mkII… What about all these denominations?

is that a used price ?[/quote]
Yup, 2nd hands but under guarantee for 3more month

From what I can find on the internet, mk2 is thinner than mk1 and the hardware seems to be improved (better audioconverters, more memory)…
As mk1 is older, it may show some age-due problems quicker then mk2.

UW -> you can play samples
And +Drive -> you can actually load and save kits, which is rather comfortable.

So the best model is MD mk2 UW+
("+" meaning “+Drive”)

Yess, that’s what i found: there’s 2x ram, more ram machines and has +0,5mb for sampling on mk-II.
The +drive is an upgradable thing or is it a machine fixed feature?

I don’t thing Elektron perform such upgrades now.
Especially when they want to get rid of silver machines…

Haha i’ve found another reseller, i’ll go to the more generous/less greedy :slight_smile:
They’re uw mk-II + Drive

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I am not sure, i would describe it as Techtrance. (The track featured did not use the circuit.) But i am currently working on incorporating it.) I would for sure exchange the Novation circuit vs the Machine Drum. But i need a mixer first. Or an OT with more Inputs. OT with 5 Stereo In, would be perfect. + Recording and Streaming from CF /SSD or something like that. (I would love to have an OT with SSD ) + Midi file backup, and 4 MIDI out and 4 Midi in. + linear sequencer for some tracks which can run in parallel to the pattern´s.) And some more Aux. I fear that it would cost a lot of money. But think about an OT with with interface slots, the user can expand over time. I think that would be a great idea, it would allow for future growth, cut down costs, possible to create something the customer wants in the future + room for ideas, and possible future sales. With USB input for external Midi controllers. That would be hell of a Machine. (sorry for the Octatrack dreaming :))

I was really lucky with my MD purchase: Paid 1079e for the regular version, it got delivered yesterday and Elektron lowered the price to 699e on the same day. Shop gave me back 380e. Yay!

On topic (@tobdoly): This very much depends on what kind of sound you are looking for.
The AR is more heavy sounding, if you need big punchy analog drums and/or work with samples a lot, go for it.
The MD sounds more delicate/thin and digital.
Both have they place.

Beside the sound, the AR has more features in general but lacks some of the MD features, especially in the MIDI I/O department.

I wrote a mini review yesterday (see thread below) which might help you in your decision.

Hahaaaaaaa say hello to my new friend!!! Thanks soooo much to you all!!!