Macintosh Reliability Issues in 2020

is there a separate topic for all things Mac :desktop_computer: :computer: yet?
I have some concerns of my own but it would just contribute to derailing.

(moved to start new topic about contemporary issues (USB, graphics, etc.)
specific to Apple hardware/drivers/compatibility only.

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Aight, @pgrm.woof - have at it!

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I had a 2017 MacBook 15" which I had no end of trouble with hardware-wise - keyboard failed twice, speaker failed twice, screen went weird and yellow twice. Due to all the issues, Apple agreed to replace it with a 16" and so far I am much happier with the quality of it, early days but the keyboard feels much more robust.

Software-wise, this one is on Catalina (I don’t believe you can downgrade on the newer Macs) and actually it’s been fine. I haven’t done a great deal of music making on it yet but software seems to work fine, probably less glitches in day to day use than I had on the old one.

So if I were in the market for an Apple laptop I’d definitely be looking at either getting the 16" or waiting for them to refresh the 13" if you want a smaller one. The 2016-19 models were no good IMO, the keyboard is a ticking time bomb, and it’s worth saving up the extra.

“My keyboard? Let me tell you about my keyboard…”

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I’ve had a 15” 2016 for a few years now and I haven’t had any issues other than the battery needing to be replaced (which I did myself).

No keyboard issues here fortunately.

My experience with Apple PC’s:
2005 Intel iMac: still working with SSD and RAM upgrade. Superdrive failed.
2007 aluminum iMac: screen turned yellow, sold it. Also screen had “ghost tints/image persistance”
2007 Macbook Pro: after 4 years, the videocard broke. Apple replaced the mainboard for free out of the warranty period
2015 MBA: my current pc. No issues at all. Running OSX 10.14

2012 11” mba. Running strong still. Ableton 10 runs no probs, a little slow loading projects but no biggy.

I’m aware it can live ever so plan to get a decent spec mini for music duties or a hackintosh. A friend recently built up a nicely specced laptop for this and it works a treat. No dual boot just straight in.